Building mechanical technician

June 21, 2022

You are motivated by the development of systems and infrastructure, by problem solving and the search for new energy-efficient solutions? In order to support its constant growth, we are looking for a Mechanical Technician of the Building which will be mandated to support infrastructure expansion projects and to improve the management practices of the Building with respect to operations, maintenance and energy saving.

In a diverse manufacturing company, you will have the chance to work at the level of mechanics. Office buildings and advanced factories. Possessing a most modern architecture, the world's first tech headquarters consists of nearly 30 buildings on an area of ​​3.5 km2.

Your future role in a few words

  • Participate in the design and realization of the various systems and arrangements
  • collaborate in the preparation of plans and quotes
  • realize preliminary estimates for the Projects
  • Collaborate with the various teams Projects and Engineering in Quebec and elsewhere
  • Participate in the improvement and maintenance of first tech standards for plumbing, electricity, heating , air conditioning and ventilation
  • maintain the integrity of plans for management purposes or projects
  • Contribute to the expansion and development of first tech

Skills required

  • dec in building mechanics
  • Significant experience in the field
  • rigor
  • Autonomy
  • ingenuity
  • good judgment
  • meaning of the organization
  • intermediate English level, both orally and Written

Your future work environment

  • The first tech campus in Rivière-du-Loup, our world headquarters where work 1 400 Equipiers.
  • The lifestyle of the team members resembles that of the leaders of the Silicon Valley: small cafes, shop first tech, business concierge, training halls, architecture promoting innovation And the links between the team members, yoga classes and more!

Ready to make the difference? Postula now, we look forward to you!

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