Computer engineer

September 19, 2019


Inogec is an equipment manufacturing company, located in Sherbrooke, specialized in mechanical design and manufacturing of custom-made equipment in the industrial sector. Inogec enables companies to obtain specialized engineering solutions to meet their different challenges.

For more than 7 years, Inogec has stood out as an employer through its unique work environment to optimize the development of its team members. The key to the company's success lies in the continuing education and professional development of its members. This corporate culture allows Inogec to constantly strengthen its team and meet a wide variety of major challenges.

Based on customer needs, the Inogec team designs (mechanical and electrical), manufactures, assembles, programs, installs and starts up-to-date equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

If you are an enthusiast of automated equipment and thirsty to further develop your skills, Inogec is beyond doubt the company for you. Apply now and come up to challenges to match your abilities.


• Work as a developer in a dynamic team

• Program automated equipment / robots of all kinds.

• Propose innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology

• Constantly follow up with customers to ensure they meet deadlines and meet requirements

• Draw wiring diagrams and mount control panels

• Place and manage orders.

• All in a multitude of industrial fields (aeronautics, pulp and paper, automotive, plastic, food, machinery, machining, tools, recreational products ...)


• Extremely stimulating work environments and challenges

• Competitive salary

• Many opportunities for overtime

• Flexible schedule

• Well-appointed, modern, well-fenced rooms

• Ability to assemble and start your designs

• Powerful work tools (computers, multiple screens, space mouse ...)

• Continuing education (seminar, conference, internal training, lunch and learn)

• Social Club

• Group Insurance

• 2+ years experience in Computer / Robotics / Industrial Automation (DEC) or (BAC), Computer Engineering, or other relevant training or experience

• Good knowledge of C, python, studio 5000 and ROS is an asset

• Rigorous towards programming standards

• Good oral and written communication skills (French)

• Strong ability to identify problems, find solutions and present them

• Ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure

• Great desire to develop skills

• Good teamwork skills, good communication, attention to detail, good organizational skills, good mechanical skills

• Have an interest in robotic projects of various kinds

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