Contract Administrator - Procurement

June 29, 2022

Do you want to work in a non-profit organization?Do you like the public or municipal domain?Do you have experience in contract administration and management?This position is tailor-made cut for you!

You will have to take care of the requests for tenders for the award of contracts as well as their management and administration.

Job Description:

- Confirm the validity of key elements of the request such as the approval of the incumbent authorized to spend according to the delegation of authority, the budget estimate, the detailed description of the needs, the presence of a technical or descriptive specification and the breakdown of costs;

- Prepare the schedule of the call for tenders taking into account the publication deadlines, the deadline for filing complaints, the date of the information session and the visit, the start date of the contract and any other element that may delay the award of the contract on time;

- Plan and coordinate the tendering process. Prepare documents in collaboration with the applicant or procurement specialist when there is a high complexity or a particular issue;

- Define compliance and eligibility criteria and prepare, in collaboration with the applicant, individual assessment grids where there is a weighting system;

- As the designated official in the call for tenders, follow up on the issues referred by the bidders and, where appropriate, prepare and publish the addenda in accordance with the law, while assessing the impacts of the publication of the addendum on the schedule, estimate and deadline for the filing of complaints;

- Act as secretary of the selection committee, ensure the integrity of the process and write the committee's report;

- Verify the eligibility of bidders and the conformity of bids and prepare the comparative table of bids;

- Negotiate, with the applicant, the price when there is only one compliant bidder. Prepare a draft recommendation to the Executive Director or the Board of Directors for the award, renewal or cancellation of the contract;

- Check the validity of guarantees, insurance, licenses and permits;

- Carry out requests for tenders with approval or qualification process and proceed to calls for interest in order to solicit the contract;

- Take care of over-the-counter supply requests and more complex price requests;

- Enter the required information during the stages of the supply cycle and proceed with the request for the creation of new suppliers;

- Ensure compliance with the contract management policy regarding the awarding of contracts;

- Participate in the start-up meeting with the supplier and ensure compliance with the conditions of the contracts;

- In collaboration with the applicant, document all contractual occurrences (endorsements, penalties, adjustment, etc.) and support the applicant in managing problems with the supplier and accompany him in the performance evaluation process;

- Record all relevant information supporting the termination of the contract, if any, and collaborate with the legal counsel;

- Track actual expenses (business volume), identify significant deviations from planning and propose possible solutions;

- Assess with the applicant and the procurement specialist the appropriateness of renewing the contract and prepare the documents for renewal;

- Receive requests for endorsements from the applicant, validate compliance with applicable laws, policies and directives, evaluate the application and prepare the required documents;

- Process requests for increase, reallocation or advance of business volume in accordance with applicable laws, policies and directives and prepare the required documents;

- Carry out various follow-ups during the contract, in particular, renewals and validity of insurance, bonds, monitoring the status of compliance of CNESST and CCQ certificates, licenses and permits required (RBQ, BSP) and authorizations to contract;

- Support the procurement specialist in the identification of main issues and recurring problems and participate in the search for solutions;

- Ensure, when required, the performance of any related activity that he is reasonably able to perform.


- University studies in administration, procurement, or any related field;

- Two years of experience in a similar position in a purchasing department;

- Experience in the public or municipal domain is a strong asset;

- Certification of Quebec suppliers is an asset;

- Member of the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) is an asset;

- Good knowledge of French and English, spoken and written, mathematics, as well as the rules governing the procurement environment.

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As an equal opportunity employer, Personnel Alter Ego values diversity in its workforce and seeks to ensure all groups remain fairly represented. Candidates must have the legal right to work in Canada.

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