October 09, 2019

Come make a difference in a modern, growing city that cares about its citizens. An environment where your creativity contributes to the realization of great stimulating projects favoring the well-being of Laval residents. In addition to offering you career opportunities, you will be part of a large public organization with a human dimension.

For its Building Management Service, the City of Laval is looking for a:



The challenges that lie ahead:

Under the authority of the immediate superior, the incumbent is responsible for activities related to his area of ​​expertise, namely geotechnics, hydrogeology, soils and materials. It (it) establishes and recommends the methods of interventions in the realization of works, with respect to the stability of the works, the treatment of the contaminated soils and the protection of the natural inheritance, in the respect of the durable development. / p>

To this end, he (she) ensures the planning, design, implementation, coordination and administrative and technical management of the projects for which he is responsible. It is responsible for preparing plans and specifications in accordance with the provisions, laws and regulations and assures the City of their application and respect.

The incumbent issues recommendations, develops test strategies to do and provides any information relevant to the design and implementation of projects related to the nature of the soils in place and their expected behavior, the treatment thereof, as well as the choice of materials required corresponding to the nature of the soil, in order to ensure the integrity and durability of the structures.

More specifically:

  • Participates with its superior in setting the objectives and programs of the service with regard to its area of ​​expertise. Participates in the implementation of the decisions and orientations of the municipal authorities through meetings, reports, memos, etc.
  • Assures the other specialists of the City a professional support in his field of expertise and develops all documents necessary for the smooth running of activities related to its field of expertise.
  • Manages the information to be registered in the corporate databases and keeps track of the classification of documents produced by the company. internally and externally.
  • Develops and monitors projects related to its area of ​​expertise and prepares various documents necessary for their implementation. Establishes timelines and mechanisms for project and / or project tracking and identifies changes or changes to be made.
  • Coordinates projects in collaboration with other service divisions, other municipal services and / or departments. external stakeholders that may be involved.
  • Assigns, allocates and verifies the work done by staff without formal hierarchical authority. Determines standards, monitors quality of work and evaluates results.
  • Orient and approve response plans to meet regulatory and environmental requirements and current and future needs in a context of sustainable development. reports to his / her superior.
  • Participates in the identification and evaluation of the human, material and financial resources required for the preparation of the fee regulations (ie professional services) and makes recommendations to its superior.
  • Defines and provides the information required for thepreparation and periodic monitoring of the three-year investment program for the projects under its responsibility.
  • Analyzes the structural aspect of structures subject to soil pressure (retaining wall), examines the conditions of trenching at the site. CNESST standards, analyzes the stability and bearing capacity of supporting soil for works, etc.
  • Plans and coordinates the preparation of plans and specifications and technical reports and signs and seals documents in its field of expertise.
  • Develops and coordinates the execution of professional service contracts such as the preparation of terms of reference, tender documents, analysis of tenders for study assignments , plans and specifications, etc. Analyzes submissions for external professional services and participates in selection committees for mandates.
  • Provides administrative, budgetary, technical and professional follow-up of service mandates and projects and coordinates with the various stakeholders; animates the coordination meetings, analyzes, comments and directs the nature and content of the deliverables (eg study reports, plans and specifications, etc.); verify and approve invoices for professional services (eg fees for engineers, geologists, laboratories, specialized firms, etc.)
  • Analyze documents dealing with geotechnics, soil quality, quality of materials and their implementation, determine their acceptance, interpret the results and make recommendations to the managers of the various divisions involved and to the project managers.
  • Prepares and submits presentations on its projects to the various decision-making committees. the city. Develops and prepares recommendations to the Executive Committee for the approval of funding applications (eg cash certificates or other) and various technical and administrative communications required at all stages of the projects.
  • Advises Divisions applicants as to the nature of the soils encountered, including contaminated soils, unstable soils, protected environments, as well as hydrogeology (phenomenon and its effects), etc. and makes recommendations regarding the design and / or execution of the work in the particular conditions.

The profile sought:

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering or relevant field;
  • Seven (7) years of relevant experience in the field of geotechnics and materials;
  • li> Member in good standing of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec;

  • Very good capacity for analysis and synthesis;
  • Ability to demonstrate a high critical sense;
  • Able to manage several projects simultaneously and to work with a minimum of supervision;
  • Rigor, sense of ethics, integrity;
  • Very good ability to communicate in French both orally and in writing.

Here is what we offer:

  • A flexible work schedule that reconciles work and personal life;
  • A global remuneration conc urrential;
  • An easily accessible workplace located at 1333 boulevard Chomedey.

The City of Laval is growing rapidly. It has more and more people, businesses and organizations. This development brings major challenges and raises important issues.

In 2014, we launched the Repensons Laval initiative, which helped to develop the strategic vision of our city: urban nature by 2035. This vision is the compass that guides the development of Laval today

Working at the Ville de Laval is believing in this vision. It is putting your heart and your ideas at the service of the citizen. It is working with dedicated people and shaping the present to build the future.

You too, take part in the change!

Apply by September 17, by going to:

The City of Laval has an employment equity program. It values ​​diversity and invites women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, Aboriginals and people with disabilities to apply. For the latter, do not hesitate to tell us about special arrangements if you are invited to a selection process.

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