Engineer / Project Manager

May 28, 2020

Multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm with public administrations, intermunicipal boards, private institutions, promoters and builders as clients. This firm works in the following spheres of activity: municipal infrastructure (water systems, road improvements, pumping station, etc.), rail and port, building structure and engineering structures, low and medium voltage electricity and control of 'work.

Its main tasks:

  • Do administrative and budgetary monitoring of projects
  • Studied , interprets and approves survey work
  • Develops plans, descriptive specifications and construction methods
  • Prepare all tender documents according to codes, standards, drawings, regulations and other specifications
  • Performs technical analyzes of survey data
  • Establishes the estimated costs related to the project
  • Prepares and analyzes contracts and bids
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of the various req uises for the project
  • Ensures that expertise is pooled between the project team and the operational support teams
  • Clearly defines the project mandate and projects the deliverables, phases and schedules of the project
  • Develops the work schedule
  • Participates in the project kick-off meeting
  • Coordinates and directs the start-up of the project

Production and site supervision

  • Performs inspections as needed on the site by sporadic visits
  • Supervises the site supervisors for which he is responsible
  • Executes and has the various activities of the project executed
  • Ensures quality of the project and customer satisfaction with the established deliverables
  • Check the schedule and ensure the conformity of plans and specifications
  • Anticipates obstacles during the project and suggests an alternative plan if necessary
  • Monitors all changes made to the mandate
  • Documents all actions taken and makes recommendations
  • Prepare the progress report of the works
  • Participate in solving problems related to projects
  • Check deficiencies and carry out provisional and final reception visits
  • Provides the information necessary for invoicing according to the progress of the work
  • Participates, if necessary, in the development of certain business recommendations

Human resources management

  • Checks employees' schedules, absences and vacations under his responsibility
  • Train, organize and supervise the personnel under his supervision
  • Sees to the integration, participation, motivation and appreciation of his team
  • Orient, coordinate and control the work of his staff department and conducts their performance assessment
  • Identifies the training needs of employees and proposes a training plan to their immediate supervisor
  • Divide tasks according to priorities and ensure that employees understand their responsibilities and their role
  • Manages problems related to department staff and helpsits staff to solve problems
  • Ensures the good flow of information within its team and with the various stakeholders involved
  • Ensures understanding and compliance with laws, policies, standards, regulations, programs and agreements in force within his area of ​​responsibility

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