Full Stack Software Developer

September 09, 2019

Techso is looking for a unique individual who will act as a developer and manager to support the management team. This person must, independently and supported by the team of developers, ensure the delivery of deliverables in full respect of costs and deadlines.

This person will also need to put their technical skills to work by doing some Techso Tech supported development (including, JAVA, C #, PHP ).

Some tasks

  • Manage the portfolio of all current and future developments
  • Act as a point of contact between our customers and Techso (customer managers)
  • Centralize and manage all the changes and problems encountered to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Manage the development team by distributing tasks and conducting necessary follow-up meetings
  • Organize meetings with clients as needed to capture business needs and conduct follow-up meetings
  • Evaluation of development efforts for new solutions or improvements
  • Ensure the quality of the delivered products
  • Put the developed solutions into production and manage the required change before and after production
  • Participate in management's pre-sales efforts (effort assessments, technology analysis, etc.)
  • Perform a technology watch on trend technologies


  • Contribute to the development process proactively and responsively in a PHP development environment and master our current programming practices and processes
  • Provide additional support and specialized mentoring using the specialized skills you bring to the team
  • Help at all levels of documentation, specification and design
  • Able and happy to contribute to our services
  • Assist the sales team and account managers with technical questions and solutions, especially when specifying the requirements and solutions of the job

Required skills

  • Good mastery of the languages ​​JAVA, Node.JS, Angular 8, C #
  • Experience in Front-End and Back-End Development
  • Mastering AGILE Project Management
  • Knowledge of Mac, Unix and Windows environments

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