Geomatics analyst

March 12, 2020

Under the supervision of the Chief, Big Data Operation, the analyst performs a wide range of complex tasks in the management, design, implementation, maintenance and analysis of geographic information systems (GIS ) and spatial reference databases. Collaborate on different projects as a geomatics consultant by developing recommendations and / or analytical proposals. Assists colleagues in analysis, testing and problem solving.

Details of responsibilities:

Management of spatial reference databases:

  1. Ensuring maintenance, input, verification and updating of spatially referenced databases;
  2. Establish and manage rules, policies and procedures to ensure the quality of spatially referenced data;
  3. Integrate and coordinate corporate data with spatial reference data;
  4. Define the need regarding the structure of geographic databases, in order to guarantee their integrity, durability and compliance so that they can be used for other applications;

Improvement of procedures for using GIS (without being limited to it):

  1. Participate in the development of routines or tools for automation and optimization of GIS use processes in order to improve procedures;
  2. Offer the training and supervision of new internal GIS users;
  3. Performs analyzes on the parameters of optimization software and formulates recommendations;
  4. Participates in the establishment of procedures for the organization and production of technical material to respond to requests from internal and external customers;


  1. Carry out different spatial analyzes and network analyzes using GIS;
  2. Participate or carry out certain studies concerning the establishment of routes, journey times, service levels, timetables and driver assignments;
  3. Analyzes traffic statistics, timetables, assignments, etc., and synthesizes them;
  4. Writes technical reports, designs representative tables and figures, makes relevant suggestions and comments;

Cartog raffia:

  1. Produce geographic maps, for the purposes of informing customers and partners, helping with the planning and deployment of transport and marketing projects and observing the transportation system;


  1. Attend meetings or conventions. Informs, advises and discusses with internal or external customers, managers and organizations or operators, technical aspects and operating procedures of the systems in application in its section, offers solutions within the framework of its attributions;
  2. All other related tasks.


  • Bachelor's degree in geomatics, geography or geomatics information systems or field related to geomatics;
  • 2 years of relevant experience in geomatics;
  • Proficiency in Excel and Word software, advanced level; ArcGIS 10, as well as the Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst and DataInterop extensions; ArcObject;
  • Knowledge of Python, and VBA languages; Tableau Software, QGIS and Visio software assets;
  • Experience in public transit, an asset;
  • Autonomy, rigor, collaboration and adaptability to changes;
  • Good analytical skills, senseof the organization.

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