Junior Engineer

July 25, 2019

Would you like to reshape a city with us? The Engineering Department opens its doors to Candidates for the Engineering Profession

Active transport, innovative management of rainwater, alternative transport, infrastructure rehabilitation; the Ville de Laval engineering department sets the pace for new developments in urban development. Reviving neighborhoods and providing them with innovative facilities is what we need to build now here in Laval!

New urban developments designed differently

The densification of residential developments will lead to the design of innovative transportation axes and will require new drainage management. Private and public investments are huge. Recreate environments where active transportation is present, welcoming and friendly will require new approaches in existing older neighborhoods.

Born the city of the automobile, you will rethink Laval to make it the city of all the transports!

The team of engineers and technicians in civil engineering grew up. It has centralized important fields of expertise to better integrate new technologies and increase its organizational memory. Teams collaborate and share their knowledge to achieve through their concrete achievements.

From ideas to the construction site, engineers from Laval circulate, see and live in their projects. Here is the contribution you could make to these:

· The reconstruction of the living environments where thousands of citizens circulate daily. All infrastructure rehabilitation projects have become opportunities to revisit the city. Condition of infrastructures, new sidewalks, new bike lanes, reserved lanes, traffic calming measures, traffic lights, reduction of heat islands, green infrastructure, improvement of water supply, improvement of water quality , reduction of the causes of repressions, separation of water, constraint of spaces, as much element to be considered during the development of new projects and which impose new approaches!

· The development of well-integrated facilities for harmonious cohabitation between road users and accessibility for all modes of transport.

· Active participation in the service of citizens through the processing of citizens' requests.

Our teams knew the history of their project and followed it to the plans as built. It is with this in mind that we want to help you develop your expertise in the field of civil engineering!

In Laval, the challenges are there ... just around the corner!

You too, take part in the change. Apply before

August 6, 2019 by visiting

The City of Laval operates an Equal Opportunity Employment Program and invites women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities to apply.

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