Production geology engineer

June 29, 2022

Bourassa Brodeur Bellemare is proud of a partner in the recruitment of the Quebec Iron Ore facilities at Lake Bloom in Fermont. MFQ, a subsidiary of Iron champion, has the mandate to develop and exploit the ore of Lake Bloom in Fermont from a perspective of quality, efficiency, sustainability and concern for the environment. Mfq wants to be a mining of the millennium which knows how to invest in the dynamism of its human capital in order to promote Excellence, respect and prosperity both in processes, product quality, environment and its business relationships while causing a positive impact sustainability on future generations. in matters Of corporate values, the MFQ team invites you to share its passion for the mining industry, a passion that is combined in four stages:

  • by the agility of mind and means;
  • by excellence in all and at any time;
  • By respecting people, partnerships, no rmes and places;
  • by commitment to a project that wants to be sustainable and value added.

We are currently looking for a engineer in production geology fly-in fly 14/14.

under The supervision of the Superintendent of Earth Sciences and the senior geologist, the engineer in production geology ensures the quality of the ore which is sent to the concentrator, oversees the aspects relating to the geology of daily production and led to many Projects. Specific responsibilities

    • recognized in his field, put to contribution his know-how According to the standards and best practices of his profession;
    • Build a strong bond of trust between the various colleagues to allow compliant legal basis management, as well as optimization with a human and comprehensive approach .
    • Key player of the future of our organization, it helps to optimize our mining activities allowing to reduce our ecological imprint of M to optimize the recovery of mineral resources which are by definition non-renewable.
    • Respect, enhance and promote a safe work environment.
    • Perform activities geology in order to obtain efficient operations by following the mining plan and maximizing the use of staff and equipment;
    • take care of the control of the iron and contaminants to ensure A constant quality power supply to the concentrator;
    • ensures the integrity of the production holes in the database. Make QA/QC on shavings and laboratory audits;
    • Update the production block model, delimit ore zones, emit expanded polygons after energning, offer options for mixing ore and pelleting strategies and provide information to short-term planning and production;
    • Train mining equipment operators, supervisors and engineering staff in order to improve their understanding of the geology of the deposit and the discrimination of the ore;
    • Have good experience with the 2D and 3D modeling of mineralized units and any other areas of interest.
    • Be familiar with The descriptive statistical methods for the study of data and geostatistics for the interpolation of block models.
    • Know with the concept of geometallurgy to optimize the deposit according to the resource, operational constraints and Interect customers rnes and external and be able toPropose improvements on short -term and long -term models.
    • Have knowledge in database and information management.
    • empowered to carry out projects with stakeholders from different Teams and multidisciplinary.

    Qualifications and skills required

    • geological engineer or equivalence considered ;
    • Membership of the OIQ or equivalence considered;
    • Between 3 and 5 years of experience and relevant expertise;
    • good communicator, he knows Influence when necessary to achieve MFQ targets;
    • Knowledge of different processes according to the standards of his profession;
    • "intrapreneur" profile, acute sense of business: costs/profits, Results, sst;
    • Knowledge of SUPEC, LEAPFROG, MINESIGHT, SQL software is an asset;
    • Knowledge of statistics and geostatistic is an asset;
    • bilingualism Atout

    pro -skills fessional and personal

    • Excellent team player, sense of co-autonomy
    • Expertise leader, he will be able to inform as much as influenating to have the desired impact
    • Knowledge of the different processes according to the standards of his profession;
    • Rigor, ethics and integrity
    • "Intrapreneur" profile, business acute sense: costs/profits, results, sst;
    • leader "agile", skillful to manage and mobilize colleagues to targeted objectives;
    • Organization and planning sense
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