Programmer Automation and Robotics

September 14, 2021

Our company

founded in 2020 by seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals, already having several unique projects for its belongings, more than 10 employees and a scholarship from the Ministry of the economy and innovation of Quebec; Robotech Automation starts in force!

Longueuil, we offer automated solutions to the whole Quebec whose design and manufacture of tailored robotic machines and cells, with the aim of allowing the Quebec manufacturing industry to fully achieve its potential. All by unparalleled accompaniment, advanced formation and continuous support. Our values ​​of professionalism, teamwork, agility and innovation transcend throughout the company, our projects and our teams.

We are committed to developing a corporate culture Strong that values ​​innovation and exceeding! We train our teams for the sake of diversity, with competent people, to various expertise and remarkable know-how.

The post

Become a proud (era) contributor (trice) To the success of Robotech and realize your full potential by joining the team. As an automated programmer and industrial robotics, you will use your creative sense and all your knowledge in programming, designing and implementing automation programs as well as to deploy, at the workshop tests and at startup. Automated and robotic equipment designed and custom made by the company. You will participate in the analysis of customer needs and the definition of systems architecture.

Your main responsibilities:

  • participate in customer needs analysis;
  • participate in the definition of architecture and design, configuring and upgrading control architectures;
  • program the different components following:
    • programmable automata (plc and recent technologies);
    • operator interfaces (HMI);
    • Industrial communication networks;
    • controls motors and variators of motion and speed (Drives, servo).
  • perform calculations, analyzes as well as the studies necessary for concepts;
  • Making deployments, startup, testing, verification of the inputs and outputs (I / O Check) in the workshop, and during installation and commissioning at customers;
  • participate in Starting projects in the workshop and the Commissioning at the customer, and provide the necessary technical assistance as a result of start-up.

The ideal profile

You have above all ...

  • of passion and motivation for various projects and major challenges;
  • A great team spirit, communication skills and interpersonal relationships and have the concern for Good customer service;
  • and, you are looking to exceed, develop your abilities and keep you up-to-date on the industry's tips and trend technologies.

You have the following achievements ...

  • University training in industrial or electric automation engineering or collegial training in electrical engineering, in industrial electronics twinned with equivalent experience;
  • minimum 3 to 5 years of experience directly related to the field of automated equipment and robotics including automatale programming (PLC), users interfaces (HMI) and networks of Communication;
  • Experience in engine control (AC, Servo, STEP) and motion;
  • be availableTo implement systems and support for clients (mainly local);
  • great ability to analyze and solve problems;
  • SENS OF RESPONSIBILITIES / Autonomy / resourcefulness / curiosity.

Advantages and benefits

Attach you to Robotech Automation, it's evolving in a stimulating work environment to innovate, learn, experiment with new Ideas, work on unique and span projects, with state-of-the-art equipment and tremendous and committed people. Everything to make you progress in your career!

But that's not all ...

  • Complete collective insurance plan and a telemedicine service
  • A REER / RPDB Plan
  • Flexible hours and teleworking (pandemic or not)
  • holidays, of course, and a closing between Christmas and New Year's Day
  • skills development
  • clothes Robotech
  • and more!

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