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January 10, 2022


Founded in 2009, Énertech Solutions has built up solid experience in the management of construction projects in the institutional and commercial sectors. Recognized for our great expertise in the coordination of complex projects, we have developed rare know-how, particularly in electromechanical systems and energy optimization projects.


The person in charge of projects is responsible for carrying out technical projects in electricity and building mechanics for our institutional clients. He meets the various departments of the institutions in order to clearly define the objectives related to the project. He organizes all the activities related to the realization of projects, such as the definition of the concept, the preparation of plans and specifications by the professionals, the calls for tenders and ensures the supervision of the work. He coordinates the activities of professionals and entrepreneurs and carries out the administrative and financial control of the projects entrusted to him. Reporting to the Director of Operations, the candidate will work full time for our institutional clients in the greater Montreal area.

The project manager must demonstrate great involvement, good team spirit and efficiency for each of the projects. It must aim to carry out projects that meet our clients' expectations in the following areas:

  • Respect of deadlines;
  • Respect of budgets;
  • The safety of employees, users and the public circulating nearby;
  • The cohabitation between the occupants and the work to be carried out;
  • Energy efficiency when 'applicable;
  • Environmental criteria;
  • The transfer of new equipment to the building technical services group.

The mandate of the project manager is to support the direction of project management, in the 'execution of projects.

As such, it:

  1. Consults with the personnel of the client, user or future user of the installations affected by the project;
  2. Find out about the client's obligations in carrying out the project and ensure that they are respected;
  3. Attends meetings when relevant in the context of his / her duties;
  4. Collaborates with the client's procurement department to award contracts within the framework of policies, regulations and applicable laws;
  5. Collaborates with the client's accounts payable department for the approval of invoices within the limits conferred on it;
  6. Ensures the smooth running of projects, controls and monitors contracts;
  7. Gives instructions to contractors, and / or external service providers, and ensures their compliance;
  8. Evaluates the quality of the work and ensures compliance with contractual clauses and the rules of the art;
  9. Ensures that project deadlines are respected;
  10. Performs budget monitoring and ensures compliance with the allocated envelopes.
  11. Communicates with clients and client authorities to inform them of the progress of projects;
  12. Establishes implementation strategies in order to reduce as much as possible the nuisance of the work;
  13. Participates in all activities in the field of building that are entrusted to him.


  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical, electrical or civil;
  • PMI / PMP certification (asset);
  • Member in good standing of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec (August);
  • 5-10 years relevant experience;
  • Experience in the network ofeducation and / or health;
  • Experience in building mechanics project management (electricity, HVAC, plumbing, heating, fire alarm, control);


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to lead projects independently;
  • Sense of organization;
  • Strong sense of customer service;
  • Stress management;
  • Ability to work in a complex environment where many projects are happening simultaneously.

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