Service Technician - Automated Systems

June 21, 2022

At first tech, we believe that providing customers with high quality innovative equipment is a first step. Building an operational resilience so that they make the most of their investment throughout its life cycle, that's the difference we offer! Do you want to know more? Read the following!

Definition Role Among the responsibilities of a technician service - automated systems , it will provide customer service by moving directly on the ground and perform maintenance as well as upgrading of new and existing industrial automation and packaging equipment, Also called retrofits. It will support customers in achieving their goals by providing different tips and providing a complete understanding of how we can improve the performance and productivity of their equipment through fully integrated solutions - audits, maintenance plans, plans health and safety, etc.


  • Promoting health and safety practices
  • Optimize time operating - Identify and solve customers' challenges
  • advise and train customers in using their equipment
  • understand and coordinate the operational and management needs of Customer Production in Claire Shares or Recommendations
  • Ensuring a Harmonious Relationship With Customers and Team Members
  • Making daily reports on activities, take charge of Reservations for travel and reporting leaves Time and expenses in due time
  • provide technical assistance for troubleshooting, in collaboration with the technical support team
  • stay available to communicate with management and customers Outside traditional hours of work
  • Promoting equipment repair, upgrading and training services from customers
  • Check equipment and provide recommendations to optimize Operating time
  • test equipment to ensure that they comply with the safety rules
  • Make trips - minimum 75% of the time

Skills required

  • Experience in the field with electromechanical, robotic, pneumatic or hydraulic equipment
  • DEP in electromechanics, DEC Industrial electronics or bachelor's degree in mechanical, electrical or automated production engineering - or any other domain Related
  • Ability to interpret electrical, mechanical and pneumatic diagrams
  • Programmable PLC Troubleshooting - An asset
  • Experience with packaging equipment - An asset
  • Knowledge of Industrial Security Principles - An asset
  • Skills for Advisory Sales - Ability to discover customer needs and serve them
  • good Ability to manage time
  • Good communication skills and to provide training

These words You speak? PLCs, automation, robotics, electromechanical, customer service

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