Specialist Provision and Integration

May 17, 2022

Do you want to play a key role in the company where you will work? Make the selection and coordination of each step of the supply of third-party equipment to their installation interests? Take the time to consult the following offer!

your future team

At first tech automated systems, we optimize the manufacturing facilities of our customers thanks Innovative high value added systems that exploit the full potential of robotics. We are among the most important providers of automated packaging, handling and packaging equipment - whether for food, agricultural, organic or industrial products.

Your future role In a few words

  • hold a strategic vision of the purchase and integration process
  • maintain sustainable business relationships with our suppliers
  • ensure a competitive offer by looking for the best quality and price ratio
  • bidding, analyze, select and negotiate third-party equipment that complements our equipment
  • coordinate the path and the receipt of equipment
  • make recommendations to the different engineering teams about auxiliary equipment to be used to meet the specific needs of customers
  • act as a resource person for all this which is linked to the integration of these equipment

skills required

  • Automated production engineering training, logistics or other related training
  • Three years of experience in the environment Automated systems
  • Experience Management - An asset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of Allen-Bradley programmable controllers and Fanuc robots
  • rigor
  • Autonomy
  • good ability to manage the pressure
  • control of the English spoken and written

Your future work environment

  • The first tech campus in Rivière-du-Loup, our world headquarters where 1,400 team work.
  • the lifestyle of the team members resembles that of the leaders of the Silicon Valley: small cafes, shop first tech, business concierge, training rooms, architecture promoting innovation and links between the team members, courses Yoga and much more!

These words talk to you?

Buy, negotiation, integration, Third Party, internal project management

Your eyes light up to this dreamed offer? Postula now, we are waiting for your application impatiently!

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