Supply Technician

May 19, 2020

Under the supervision of the Chief Supply Officer, the main responsibility of the holder is to plan, acquire (supply and replenish), arrange and manage inventories of goods and services, excluding acquisitions made by means of competitive bidding or calls for tenders by written or public invitation, in accordance with the needs of the applicants, the law, the procedures and the STL's supply policy, of which it is the custodian. He maintains business relationships with the requesting departments and supports them from the planning of needs to the delivery and conformity of goods and services required from suppliers.

Details of responsibilities:

  1. Support internal customers in their planning and analysis of the acquisition needs of the goods and services necessary for their operations and plans said acquisition needs according to the plans of client departments, in particular those of preventive maintenance and corrective, acquisition of new equipment, etc. ;
  2. Establishes, optimizes and monitors inventory levels for parts to be kept according to models and inventory management strategies according to expected service levels, consumption planning for internal customers, of their current consumption and delivery times;
  3. Reads and monitors all contractual clauses after agreement with a supplier;
  4. Performs the analysis of consumption reports of required goods and proceeds to the processing of requests for the acquisition of goods and services (DBS) and the sending of purchase orders to suppliers which result therefrom;
  5. Ensures the creation of directory codes in the various systems
  6. Conducts, performs and coordinates all acquisition activities, from needs analysis to the issuance of purchase orders for goods and services less than 25k $ requesting a solicitation of the market according to the laws, regulations, policies and directives in force;
  7. Coordinates the delivery of goods and services, ensures the satisfaction of the requesters and the follow-up of the supplier's performances including the management of the major problems of returns to suppliers and proposes corrective actions to be taken;
  8. Analyzes the market offer and the positioning of competitors allowing the identification of purchasing opportunities;
  9. Ensures the necessary follow-ups, among other things, in terms of fuel, immobilized vehicle report, returns and repairs of goods and parts awaiting shipment;
  10. Attends meetings and call preparation work groups 'offers;


  • Hold a high school diploma (DES);
  • College diploma ( DEC) in connection with the field of supply or administration, an asset;
  • Hold a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in supply and / or inventory management (mandatory);
  • College training in supply management and / or operations management, an asset;
  • CPIM accreditation, an asset;
  • Knowledge in parts of buses, trucks and building infrastructure, an asset;
  • Hold a '' a PMAC supply certificate, an asset;
  • Have a good command of the Microsoft Office suite (Word / Excel / Outlook) as well as specialized software related to the work sector;
  • >

  • Have a good knowledge of the spoken and written French language;
  • Have afunctional knowledge of the English language spoken;
  • Ability to establish and maintain efficient relationships with suppliers;
  • Have the ability to make important decisions or actions at the right time ;
  • Demonstrate skills in carrying out sophisticated analyzes;
  • Demonstrate negotiation and persuasion skills;
  • Have a great capacity for concentration.

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