Technician, planning and development for paratransit

March 04, 2020

Under the supervision of the coordinator, adapted transport, the holder validates the sums due to the carriers, makes the corrections to the XY coordinates of the road network, operates and uses the geomatic information systems, performs various compilations, analyzes the offer and the transport request, compiles data, produces tables, figures, maps, prepares supporting documents for payment of supplier invoicing as well as invoicing to organizations under agreements. The incumbent sees to the analysis of the results of complaint investigations and provides the necessary follow-up. He prepares various statistical reports, in addition to ensuring the validity of the tickets in use on paratransit.

Details of responsibilities:

  • Validates the sums due to carriers using reports, geomatics tools and GPS data, correct costs and justify them if necessary;
  • Analyzes complaints by carrying out the necessary research to resolve or explain the situations giving rise to complaints or comments from customers or suppliers, recommend solutions and implement corrective measures and provide the required follow-ups;
  • Operate and use geomatic information systems to of:
    • Compile data and produce reports and tables concerning the establishment and analysis of demand and supply for transport and equipment for management , coordination and planning of TA;
    • Vér if punctuality, journey times and costs of certain races;
    • Prepare customer portraits (punctuality, number of trips, journey time, boarding, twinning);
  • Informs and communicates with customers, service providers and the various centers and organizations for targeted customers, among other things on technical aspects, operating mode and procedures service; proposes solutions within the framework of its attributions;
  • Checks the dashboards at regular intervals, reviews all the indicators in order to identify discrepancies and follows them up with its manager;
  • Prepares the documents giving rise to the payment of suppliers and invoicing for establishments with service agreements;
  • Collects data relating to late cancellations, reports to the manager and performs the required follow-ups with customers;
  • Compiles monthly and annual statistics and consolidates various information in databases and spreadsheets;
  • Prepares statistics related to complaints for meetings with organizations and carriers;
  • Brings the necessary corrections to the XY coordinates transmitted by the GPS in order to ensure the correct location of the addresses contained on the road network map of the help system to the operation of paratransit;
  • Checks the validity of tickets on OPUS cards; follows up with infringing customers, issues an invoice if necessary, registers OPUS cards using a service center and updates customer files; tracks and enters checks for virtual subscriptions, deposits checks;
  • Performs all other related tasks upon request.

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