Traffic Maintenance Engineer

March 27, 2019

Would you like to join a team that will welcome and support you in the search for creative solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of road users? We are looking for a traffic engineer with at least five (5) years of relevant experience. Let’s reconcile our talents!

Why us?

  • participate in the current major infrastructure projects in the Montréal region: the SRB Pie IX, the new Champlain Bridge, the Bonaventure project, the redevelopment of Esplanade Clark, Plaza St-Hubert and the St. Catherine Street.
  • integrate a young and dynamic team of professionals united around the development of a corporate culture centered on the well-being of employees.
  • get a lot of flexibility in working hours to find a balance between private and professional life.
  • participate in a paid continuing education program and a group insurance program.
  • collaborate in a fulfilling and motivating workspace

Job Description

Designing plans and specifications:

  • Design plans and specifications for maintaining traffic
  • Design and validation of traffic management scenarios
  • Identification of detour paths and optional routes
  • Feasibility, logistics and impact studies
  • Production of signal boards (AutoCAD)

Monitoring and Coordination of Work:

  • Validation of signaling boards
  • Preparing requests for intervention and hindrances
  • Coordination of closures with the subcontractor in signaling
  • Coordination of the contractor’s intervention with the various stakeholders (MTQ, SQ, JCCBI, SPVM, cities and boroughs, emergency services)
  • Work in collaboration with partners (STM, boroughs, etc.)
  • Compilation of the quantities payable for payment claims in signaling
  • Checking the detour paths before closing
  • Perform field inspections and field surveys
  • Verification and control of the inventory of fixtures before the reopening of the tracks
  • Verification of compliance with the prescribed time periods for closures
  • Assistance to road users in the construction zone
  • Plan and monitor and execute the mandate
  • Write technical reports

Impact Management:

  • Managing pedestrian and cycling links during the works
  • Recommendation of a police presence and / or signalers
  • Using variable message signs
  • Management of impacts on access to the door of shops, institutions and / or residences
  • Management of traffic signal configuration in site conditions
  • Relocation of on-street parking spaces
  • Planning important night hindrances if possible
  • Coordination with neighboring sites
  • Relationship with partners, businesses and residents
  • Public transportation accessibility management during works (bus shelters or bus lanes)

Training and Skills:

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Desired certifications: ASP Construction, STC-102, STC-201
  • Member of the OIQ
  • Excellent customer-centric approach and strong interest in thebusiness development
  • Good communicator, leadership and strong relational skills
  • Ease of managing multiple projects head-on
  • Clearly demonstrated strategic vision
  • Great capacity for analysis and synthesis
  • Good command of the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook) and design software (Autocad)
  • Asset: Impact studies and transport planning, Synchro software, AutoTURN software, STI

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